Lieu de travail Niel
Offre d'emploi Analytical Chemist
Description de fonction Description:
nThe Laboratory Manager supervises, designs, assigns and/or performs all aspects (pre-analytical, analytical, post-analytical) of laboratory testing and procedures; quality control process; performance improvement activities; and other necessary tasks for efficient laboratory activities. Analytical Laboratory Manager & Operator is also expected to contribute in the laboratory's efforts of obtaining ISO 17025 Certification.
n1) Plan with senior staff ISO 17025 implementation strategy and drafting of SOP's
n2) Conducting and supporting analytical measurements according to laboratory requirements
n3) Collecting, preparing and testing samples
n4) Operational performance of the analytical services laboratory including prioritization of work and managing service levels and testing turnaround times
n5) Planning, setting up and undertaking controlled experiments and trials for method development
n6) Maintaining, calibrating, cleaning and testing suitability of the equipment according to SOPs
n7) Presenting results to senior staff. Writing reports, reviews and summaries
n8) Keeping up to date with relevant scientific and technical developments
n9) Carrying out risk assessments
n10) Ordering and maintaining laboratory stock and resources
n11) Maintaining a culture of safety in the laboratory and ensuring safety policies and procedures are followed
n12) Taking a leadership role in initiating, planning, managing, and executing analytical chemistry research and technical service support to internal and external customers


Hemplab Institute

Profil requis - Contrat

Profil recherchéFormal Qualifications:
n1) BSc or MSc in Chemistry / Analytical Chemistry
n2) Experience with various Chromatographic Technologies (SFC, GC, HPLC, MS)
n3) Knowledge of ISO 17025 and experience of GLP and QMS environments
Experience requise expérience
Diplome requis diplôme


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